Christmas Feast

Christmas is fast approaching, and for those of you that decide to stay in Japan for the holidays, you’re going to need to celebrate properly.

And when I say celebrate properly, I mean EAT properly.

Oh yes, the undoubtedly best part of Christmas is the FOOD, and we’re working with Shooters this year to put on the best Christmas Feast you’ve had this side of the Pacific.

We’re talking all the Christmas classics, the essentials, the meat, the veg, the trimmings – it’s gonna feel just like home. Understandably, some things are harder to find in Japan, but we’re going to do our best to get it right.

Not only that, but there’s also going to be lots of Christmas games and activities with presents, prizes, party hats and silly jokes. More information about the event’s activities will be released soon!

If you’ve never experienced Christmas in a western country, this is the perfect opportunity – we want to make this as authentic as possible, and you’ll see why we love Christmas so much.

To attend, you will need to REGISTER by completing this Google Form! 👇

You will also need a TICKET! Tickets can be bought from me at any Small World event, or from SHOOTERS.

Early Bird Ticket Price (~ December 4): Y4000
Regular Ticket Price (~ December 13): Y5000

I’m really looking forward to spending Christmas with you guys this year!






参加するには、このGoogleフォームに記入してREGISTERする必要があります 👇

また、チケットも必要です!チケットはSmall Worldのイベントで私から購入するか、SHOOTERSから購入することができます。



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