World of Food: Philippines


World of Food is a new series of events that gives you the opportunity to try traditional cuisine at some of the fantastic international restaurants in Nagoya! And best of all, you won’t be trying it alone – you’ll be with the Small World community!

Our very first event will be held at MEKENI in Sakae, where we’ll be hosting a tabehodai buffet where you’ll be able to sample the some of the most beloved foods from the Philippines!

MEKENI also has karaoke gear so expect lots of singing after you’ve finished eating 😉

I know there are a lot of people from the Philippines in this group, so this is a great opportunity to share some soul food with your international friends.

Seating is limited so we’re asking you to please REGISTER HERE! We will be charging an extra Y500 to those who do not register in advance!

– Important Information –

Date/Time: Friday, February 17, 19:00~
Location: MEKENI
Price: Y2500 Tabehodai (drinks separate) Y4500 Tabehodai + Nomihodai

食の世界は、名古屋のインターナショナルなレストランで伝統的な料理を試すことができる新しいイベントシリーズです! しかも、一人ではなく、スモールワールドの仲間たちと一緒に参加できます。





価格:Y2500 食べ放題 (飲み物抜き) Y4500 食べ放題+飲み放題