Small World’s Favourite Albums of 2020

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything! Events are on hiatus until after the pandemic, so there isn’t really anything to post about 😕

But you know, I really enjoy making videos so here’s one me and Travis put together about our favourite albums of 2020! 🎶

A whole bunch of different genres! Pop! R&B / Hip-Hop! Rock! Electronic! Japanese!

And even a special segment from Latin Night’s one and only Sadihy Jimenez 😎

So I know this is basically nothing to do with events, nothing to do with Nagoya or anything really but hey, if you’re interested give it a lil’ watch. There are some great recs in there.

Special thanks to Shelter Rock Bar for letting us use the stage!

All the best, I miss seeing all your faces and I hope we can throw some parties soon! 🎉

– Matthew & Travis

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