Throwback Thursday: The MyBar International Party #1 (September 15, 2018)


It’s Thursday, so I thought it would be pretty original for me to do a ‘Throwback Thursday’ post, and I booted up the old hard drives to take a stroll down memory lane. The first thing I noticed is that hard drives are nowhere near as reliable as you might expect them to be – a good 30% of the old photos from a few years ago are all corrupted and I’ve lost records of many old school events.

The next thing I noticed is that damn, ain’t it just a hell of a coincidence – today is actually the four-year anniversary of our very first event!

Now, I haven’t told the story of how we even got to host this party (on the blog at least), but it goes something like this:
Me and Amanda were at someone’s birthday party at The Rock, I don’t remember whose, but we bumped into a friend of ours called Edy, who had recently become the manager of a place called MyBar over by the TV Tower. We congratulated him and suggested he had a party to celebrate, to which he refused, stating that he was too lazy. Instead, we should do it.

Me and Amanda we’re really the “party type”, but this seemed pretty fun and got to work inviting everyone that we knew.

Who’d have guessed – turns out we knew a lot of people. The party was a massive success and a hell of a night, and it laid the groundwork for everything that came after.

After the undeniable success of our first party, me and Amanda started thinking about how to make it better the next time around. We looked at all the International Parties in Nagoya. What did they do? Where did they succeed? Where did they fail? How can we learn from them? The goal was to create the best international party in the city.

And I think that over the years, we’ve succeeded. Amanda is no longer part of the team, but the goals and ideologies that we came up with together four years ago still remain.

Sometimes I get quite caught up in the idea of improving our events, creating new events, or growing our audience. And sometimes I get demotivated and frustrated because it feels like things are moving slowly, or that I’m not making enough progress in developing the group. Looking back at these photos makes me stop, and think about how far we’ve come since the beginning. It’s undeniable that Small World has grown, that our events have improved, and our vision has become clearer.

I remember that in four years, I’ll look back at photos from 2022 in the same way.

Exciting years ahead.

– Matthew

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