The International Party (November 5, 2022)

Saturday was the one year anniversary of The International Party’s return post-COVID and we actually had the smallest turnout we’ve ever had, even since the beginning of Small World!

I suppose it makes sense, seeing as just a week ago we hosted the biggest and most ambitious party we’ve ever done at Supernatural Halloween – I guess everyone just needed a little time to recover!

Nonetheless, it was a great night with lots of regulars and first timers. We launched our new promotion for students (free shots for showing your student ID), and we finally got DJ KELLO [SILVER SURFER] on the decks, someone I’ve wanted to play here for a long time! Lots of nostalgic UK bangers. Great stuff. We also had T2‘s DJ 1QUESTION play a few rounds and man, he is just the nicest guy and he’s got so much energy! I’ll be asking both of these guys to play for us again sometime.

With LUGGAGE finally returning to its normal operations and hosting other events again, The International Party is likely to change over the coming months. We plan to increase our numbers and close later (closer to 02:00 AM) and eventually we’d like to open the third floor, bar VECTOR, so that we can change the vibe up a bit and provide a little more variety.

As always, thank you for coming to The International Party and supporting this event over the last few years. I also want to thank Jim for his shots and Fadie for sharing his love for Small World over the past few weeks and for making some videos for us!

We’ll see you next month, December 3 for the final International Party of 2022!


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