The International Party ADV Ticket (October 7, 2023)


Small World’s signature International Party, this month slowing down for a more chill night!

DJs: KEIGO (House), OGAWAPAGZOU (Chill Hip-Hop)

Make friends, dance to some great music, drink and have a good time!

Saturday October 7, 20:00-00:00 @ LUGGAGE

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The Internarional Partyは、名古屋の活気・多様性満ちあふれるコミュニティーで活躍する人々と新しく出会う絶好の機会!世界中の人々が集まるこのイベントで友達を作って、新しい言語や文化を学び、素晴らしい音楽で踊ったりお酒を飲んだりして素敵な時間を過ごしましょう!もちろん英語が話せない方でも大丈夫!!

今月はSmall WorldのレジデントDJのKEIGO (House) に加え、ゲストDJのOGAWAPAGZOU(Chill Hip-Hop)を迎え、Y2Kテーマを開催します!!

– 詳細 –
10月7日 (土) 20:00~24:00
前売券 ¥1500 (1ドリンク付き)
当日券 ¥2000 (1ドリンク付き)
学生券 ¥1000 (1ドリンク付き)

– 場所 –
〒460-0008 愛知県名古屋市中区栄4-7-17ユタカビル2F
地下鉄東山線・名城線 栄駅12番出口より徒歩7分


The International Party is the perfect opportunity to meet all the interesting people in Nagoya’s vibrant and diverse community, and brings together people from all over the world to make friends, learn about new cultures, practice a new language, dance to some great music, or simply drink and have a good time!

This time we’re gonna slow right down and do something a little more chill… Lower the volume, bring out some more seats, activities, and have a more relaxed International Party! Also, PRICE DROP BABY!

DJs this month are regular resident DJ KEIGO (House), special guest DJ OGAWAPAGZOU (Chill Hip-Hop)!

October 7 (Sat) 8pm – 12am
¥2000 w/ 1 drink ADV
¥2500 w/ 1 drink OTD
¥1000 w/ 1 drink STUDENT

– Location –
〒460-0008 Aichi-ken Nagoya-shi Naka-ku
Sakae 4-7-17 Yutaka Bld. 2F
7 minutes walk from Sakae Station (Meijo/Higashiyama Line) Exit 12

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