Metal Meetup Feat. Blasting Rod @ Shelter Rock Bar (March 20, 2021)

On Sunday we hosted our first live show of 2021, Metal Meetup Feat. Blasting Rod, which coincided with the release of their new album and the Spring Equinox, which is sufficiently spooky and serendipitous 😱😱😱

Blasting Rod played two trippy sets of psychedelic jams, with entrancing experimental breakdowns featuring layered effects, a gong and even a guitar played with a violin bow 😲🤯


Thanks to Blasting Rod for playing, thanks to Shelter Rock Bar for hosting, and of course, thanks to all you rugged rockers for coming to watch the show 🤘

Check out their stuff here:
and you can get one of their sick af vinyls here:

Peace. ✌

– Matthew & Travis

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