UNDERGROUND | Latin x Hip Hop (May 1, 2022)

Last weekend was crazy.

The day after our incredible GROOVEAR debut night, we hosted another new event!

A lot of you had been asking for this for a while, so we launched UNDERGROUND, a club night that focuses on LATIN and HIP HOP at Eight & Mothra.

Back in the ’90s the two clubs were known as THE UNDERGROUND, so we’ve decided to name this night after its legacy. As the name implies, it also gives us the opportunity to play some deeper cuts, some more UNDERGROUND tracks that you might not hear on the regular rotations to keep things fresh and exciting.

DJs included new-blood JENN, Pop Up Palooza resident KELLO, Eight resident ZOO-YAA, DAICHI, I-CUE and KAZMO, Hamamatsu legend YOSHIRANX, and JUSTIN KASE SOUND CREW’s HULK, SUKU and MC LOGIC.

We also had some food from Yuya’s Double-Cup Curry / ISSA CURRY.

Awesome night all round. Thanks for coming, guys.

– Matthew

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