The International Party (June 2, 2022)

Another awesome night at The International Party! I don’t think I’ve ever seen the dance floor moving quite like this, thanks to DJs KHO and Leaf Motif🤯

It was also the debut event for our new Event Manager, Jessica, who did an amazing job and I hope you all enjoyed meeting her for the first time 😁

Thank you to everyone who attended, to 沖縄酒場ラゲージ and jam’s TACOS for always being incredible hosts, to the DJs, James Mackinson aka @jimixix for these sick photos and of course, yes, you know it… the wonderful Small World community for making every Saturday night unforgettable 😊

Next week we’re hosting GROOVEAR at FLOW lounge! Back in April we completely sold out so make sure you get your tickets in advance!

The International Party is back next July 2! See you then!


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