The International Party (July 2, 2022)

Last Saturday we hosted yet another unforgettable International Party at 沖縄酒場ラゲージ! Our two Dans (FRONTIER & LEAFMOTIF) provided an electrifying sonic setting for you guys to get down to, and boy did you get down. A lot of big beats were dropped last weekend!

I think they were also using the hashtag #DoubleDs throughout the night, which is pretty funny haha

(Clicking that hashtag is probably NSFW btw)

We had some new additions to the menu, namely a Double Taco Set and Garlic Chicken Dinner which were prettyyy good. Check ’em out next time!

We are back August 6 with the next International Party! I’m thinking of going for a summer theme, but with me being away in the UK, not sure if there’s enough time to get it together. Watch this space.

Thanks to you wonderful Worldies as always for contributing to another kickass night, and we’ll see you all soon!

Matthew & Jessica

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