Short Treks: Nakasendo Trail

Short Treks: Nakasendo Trail


It’s a new event series!

Small World Short Treks aim to introduce you guys to interesting places in Aichi, Gifu and Mie! We’ll be hosting one-day trips that will allow you to explore places that you might not have visited before, and we’ll be organising the event so that it’s easy, efficient, good value and best of all, you get to experience everything with the Small World community!

We’ve also recruited a guide, Lucas, who has lived in Aichi for many years. An experienced hiker, he’ll be helping you to navigate these remote areas safely, and he’s also a very knowledgeable and friendly guy too!

For our first event we’ll be doing an easy one – the Nakasendo Trail, which connects the two villages of Magome and Tsumago in Gifu!

(07:00) Meet at Ozone
(07:37-08:42) Train: Ozone > Nakatsugawa – Aozora Rail Pass Y2570
(09:09-09:52) Bus: Nakatsugawa > Magome Y570
(09:52-10:45) Magome
(10:45-13:15) Walk: Magome > Tsumago (2.5hrs)
(13:15-14:15) Lunch / Tsumago
(14:17-14:44) Bus: Tsumago > Magome Y570
(15:35-16:15) Bus : Magome > Nakatsugawa Y570
(16:52-18:02) Train: Nakatsugawa > Ozone
(18:02) Arrive at Ozone
Administration Fees: Y500
Total: Y5000

If you’re interested in attending, please REGISTER through the link provided below!

⚠ Please only register for the event if you plan to attend! ⚠


Short Treksというイベントシリーズで愛知、岐阜、三重にある魅力豊富な場所を紹介します!シンプルで効率的のお得なイベントを企画しています。



(07:00) 大曽根着
(07:37-08:42) 電車。大曽根>中津川・あおぞらレールパスY2570
(09:09-09:52) バス:中津川 > 馬籠 Y570
(13:15-14:15) 昼食・妻籠温泉
(14:17-14:44) バス:妻籠>馬籠 Y570
(15:35-16:15) バス:馬籠 > 中津川 Y570
(16:52-18:02) 電車 中津川>大曽根
(18:02) 大曽根着
アドミニストレーションフィー Y500
合計: Y5000


⚠ 参加予定の方のみ、お申し込みをお願いします! ⚠