The TV Tower of Terror

The TV Tower of Terror


It’s September. Autumn is here and we’re forced to say goodbye to the sweet, sweet sunshine and get ready for Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, momiji and yes… HALLOWEEN.

My favourite time of year, the one day where you can dress like a fool and people applaud you for it.

Last year we hosted a very spontaneous Halloween party in the park – The TV Tower of Terror – and WOW we could not have anticipated how huge this event would become. Over 300 of your guys came to the park dressed as ghouls, goblins and ghosts to celebrate the spooky season.

So this year we’re bringing it BACK! And with everything starting to recover post-covid, we can really see The TV Tower of Terror at its full potential.

This event is 100% free. There isn’t much planning I can do seeing as it’s a public space, so it’ll be fairly loose and the evening will be whatever you decide to make of it. Come and go as you please.

I am hosting an AFTER PARTY at SHOOTERS immediately after this event, SUPERNATURAL: International Halloween Party from 20:00-LATE, I hope you guys can join us there after The TV Tower of Terror!

Meet me in front of the TV Tower at 17:00 on Saturday October 29, and let’s have the best damn Halloween party Nagoya has ever seen 😉



今年、私たちはこのイベント「The TV Tower of Terror」を復活します!


このイベントの直後、20:00-01:00にSHOOTERSでのAFTER PARTY「SUPERNATURAL: International Halloween Party」を開催するので、The TV Tower of Terrorの後はそちらに参加してくれると嬉しいです!


SUPERNATURAL: International Halloween Party (October 29, 2022)

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