Sunday Pick Me Up (June 13, 2021)

Yesterday we gathered the Sunday Pick Me Up gang and hit the trashiest part of town, Ikeda Park! And boy oh boy, was it a mess. Trash on trash on trash 😮

So we got to work, and in just one hour, despite the rain, 45 of us collected a grand total of… 52kg of trash! 👏👏👏

This month’s Eco-Habit is… Oshibori!

Outside of Japan, you guys probably know them as ‘wet towels’ and here in Japan, it’s pretty neat – when you buy food from a convenience store or sit down at a restaurant, you’re given an oshibori to clean your hands with 🧼 So convenient!

But. As we know, convenience comes at a cost – 12 BILLION of these handy wipes are produced every year, on average. 😮

These oshibori are individually-wrapped in plastic, and once you’ve used it, into the trash it goes. And you know what? These wipes are almost exclusively used in Japan! This waste is very avoidable. If every other country can do without them, why can’t we?

So here’s what we suggest…
(Thank you to Kaja for this fantastic pun)

♻ Oshibori? How about NOshibori! ♻


So next time you’re tempted to rip open an oshibori and wipe your hands, STOP!

Hit the bathroom, wash your hands like a regular person!

Have a great week, and we’ll see you next month for the next Sunday Pick Me Up😉

– Matthew, Katrin, Kaja and Rodrigo

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