The International Party (November 6, 2021)

The International Party November 6 2021

Saturday night was the return of The International Party at 沖縄酒場ラゲージ and boy, does it feel good to be back 😁

I think a lot of you guys have been anticipating this party as much as I have, and it was just amazing to be surrounded by all that positive energy 🙌

I want to say thank you to everyone who attended, and for being such incredible guests, I’m very proud to have all of you guys with us in Small World, you truly are the very best that the international community has to offer.

I also wanna say thank you to our talented DJs Christian Ollier and Daniel Cheah for bringing some seriously sick beats all night long, people were telling me all night how much they liked you guys 🎶

Last but not least, thank you to the venue, 沖縄酒場ラゲージ, jam’s TACOS and their wonderful staff for working so hard and keeping everything running so smoothly, I really enjoy working with these guys and I think everyone really, really enjoyed the food they whipped up for us.

The International Party will be back next month, Saturday, December 4. Be there or be square 😉

We’ve got a lot more stuff up our sleeves, some very interesting events coming soon – 2022 is going to be our biggest year yet.

It’s good to be back.


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