Sunday Pick Me Up (December 12, 2021)

Sunday Pick Me Up returned to Kanayama last weekend and it was another record-breaking event, with over 105kg of trash collected in only one hour! 🙌
Give yourselves a round of applause 👏

This month’s Eco-Habit is…

♻ Use LED to light the future! 💡

Both the manufacture and use of LED bulbs causes less damage to the environment than the alternatives. For starters, a 6-to-8-watt LED bulb will last for 50,000 hours. In comparison, incandescent bulbs last 1,200 hours, while CFLs last for 8,000 hours. Carbon dioxide emissions for LEDs are also low. Roughly, one LED bulb will minimize greenhouse gas emissions by almost half a ton! As compared to CFLs and incandescent lamps, fewer LED lamps need to be produced, packaged, transported, used and ultimately disposed of. LED bulbs are more expensive than other alternatives, but an LED lamp that lasts for 10 years repays its cost in five years.

Next time you find yourself in the dark and head to the store to buy a bulb, try to reach for the LED instead of the cheaper alternatives! 😉

Thank you for coming out to yet another successful Sunday Pick Me Up, and the last of 2021!
We’ll be back in January for the first Sunday Pick Me Up of 2022!

Don’t forget to share all your photos, tag Small World and use the #SundayPickMeUp hashtag so that we can grow grow grow!

Matthew, Katrin & Kaja

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