Sunday Pick Me Up (April 10, 2022)

Spring is well and truly here, and gosh, isn’t Sunday Pick Me Up better in the sunshine? A beautiful day to walk around Ikeda Park and pick up garbage, and we came close to our record with 103.5kg of trash collected in only one hour! 🙌

This month’s Eco-Habit is upcycling! ♻

Upcycling reimagines things we already have and gives them a new purpose. Upcycling means we are reducing our waste because we can extend the lifespan of a product, and we don’t have to buy another item to satisfy a new purpose. At SPMU, we use old cardboard boxes to make signs, and Kaja turns old shirts into eco bags. We’ve seen skateboards turned into benches, camera lenses turned into cups, tires turned into planters… It gets your DIY brain going! 🤓

Before you throw away an item, get your creative gears going and think, how can I use this again?

A bread bag > It’s a small trash bag!
A glass jar > It’s a new flower vase!
A shoebox > It’s a storage box!
A piece of fabric > It’s a new kitchen cloth!
No ideas? Post it on your story and collect ideas from your community!

If you do any upcycling projects, post them and tag us and we will share our favourites!

Remember: To upcycle is 最高! 😆

Thank you to everyone who came, lots of new faces this time 🙂 Special thanks to our awesome team leaders Yuwa, Shehran, Jennifer and Shu. We’ll be back on May 8 with another Sunday Pick Me Up!

Matthew & Kaja

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