Sunday Pick Me Up (May 8, 2022)

On Sunday 8th we returned to Shirakawa Park to scrub down the city, and in just one hour we managed to collect a neat and tidy 100kg of trash!

This month’s Eco-Habit is something we can all relate to…

♻ Reduce Your Food Waste! ♻

We’ve all done it: Hitting up the supermarket after a long day of work, stomach growling from hunger, and picking up a basket full of food, snacks, and groceries… only to throw them away a month later when you find them rolling about at the back of your fridge. In fact, this is so common that, annually, 931 MILLION TONS of perfectly edible food is wasted worldwide! Looking a bit closer to home, the average Japanese person throws away 64 kg of food in a year – that’s over a kilogram a week!

Here are some Eco Habits you can start:

Plan your meals before you go shopping, and only buy what you need to make these meals.
Don’t throw away vegetable and meat/fish trimmings (e.g. broccoli stems, onion skins, bones, etc.)! You can store these in the fridge or freezer and the use them to make stocks and broths.
If you eat out at a restaurant and can’t finish your meal, ask for the leftovers to be packed up (or take your own containers).
If you’re cooking at home and have leftovers, just freeze them! There are a lot of things which can be frozen easily – rice, cakes, bread, meat, fish, fruit and veg… even milk!

If you are doing something to reduce your food waste, please share your meals, recipes, and good deeds with us by tagging us on social media (@smallworld_insta) with the hashtag #SundayPickMeUp!

We’ll be back on June 12 for the next Sunday Pick Me Up! Until then, stay fresh and clean everyone 😎

Matthew, Shehran, Jennifer, Rio, Shu & Fidel

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