Shooters Trivia Night (May 5, 2022)

This month we almost went without a Trivia Night, until we were saved by Nagoya’s quiz maestro, Mick, who put the whole thing together himself in just a week! Well done, and thank you Mick!

It was pretty great to be able to participate this month, and it was a reminder of how bad I am at quizzes when I’m not able to look at the answers!

Four teams battled it out, but only one could be the winner… The Blue Ballers proved themselves to be the brainiest of all and secured themselves some fabulous prizes. Good stuff.

We’ll be back next month, on Thursday June 2 for the next Shooters Trivia Night! 🧠

If you can gather a whole team of six and write their names on the event page before June 2, we’ll give your team a sharing platter free of charge!


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