Chatterbox Language Exchange (June 19, 2022)

On Sunday we hosted the our second Chatterbox Language Exchange! After taking note of your feedback from the last event, we managed to tighten some things up, tried some new things and made the event even BETTER!

Fifty Worldies attended Chatterbox this time, and we challenged you to sneak some difficult words into your conversations! We also asked you to put the lyrics to two popular songs into order – which is a lot harder than it sounds! Surprisingly enough, everyone found it easier in Japanese than English – even for the native speakers!

I’m really excited about what this event will become in the future, I think this will be something really special!

We’ll see you next time at Chatterbox Language Exchange on Sunday, July 17! Check our event page for more details!

– Matthew

PS. Check out these absolutely STUNNING photos from Jim aka @jmixix! Some really beautiful headshots of so many of you guys, I really recommend you to have a look through

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