Shooters Trivia Night (August 4, 2022)

First thing I did when I got back from the UK was take a trip down to Shooters to host my first event back in Japan, Shooters Trivia Night! It was a little quieter than usual this month, but we had some really cool rounds – we asked you to listen to some songs and try to guess the connection! We also asked you to look at the end credits from some famous films and try to guess the titles!

Congratulations to Smokin’ Joes for stealing the win, and to The New Egg Heads and Norfolk and Chance for second and third place. Special congratulations to Quaranteam for winning Best Team Name (which nabbed them some very stylish Coke chopsticks), and to the Vic Taback Project for scoring modestly despite playing on his own!

We’ll see you at the next Shooters Trivia Night on September 1!


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