The International Party (December 3, 2022)

So, that was the last International Party of 2022, and our 13th since we resumed the event post-COVID. This time we saw the return of some DJs who are very close to my heart, Chris and Ago, who played the very first International Party at the new venue, LUGGAGE, after we graduated from MyBar back in 2019. These guys are incredibly talented DJs that have a sound unlike any other in Nagoya, and it’s always a huge pleasure to have them with us.

We also saw a huge number of new student Worldies from NUCB, NUFS and Meidai, who had seen the hype on social media and decided to give Nagoya’s biggest international event a go. I talked to a lot of them on Saturday night – lots of really nice people and I’m looking forward to seeing them at more of our events in 2023.

Speaking of 2023, I think we’ll be seeing a lot of changes over the next few months. I’ve been looking at the regular events that we’re currently hosting and working on some ways to tighten everything up and make things fresh and exciting for you guys. Some events will undergo a few tweaks, others will have drastic reboots, but in every case I think we’ll be making things even better so that you have the best experience here in Nagoya.

Also, I’ve got some special events up my sleeve for each season of the next year. Just like we graduated from MyBar in 2019, I think 2023 is the time to step up to some really big things.

And to remind you all, we’re hosting our New Year party this month on Saturday, December 31 at Eight/Mothra. It’s going to be a big one!


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