Chatterbox Language Exchange (November 20, 2022)

Last weekend we hosted the last Chatterbox of the year. I’ve had the concept for this event for several years now, but only this year have I been able to realise it. That said, the concept is far from finished, and I’ve been using the last few months as a chance to try out new things so that you guys get the best experience that you can.

I’m trying to create a language exchange that is the perfect balance between controlled activities that challenge your language skills, and loose structures that give you the flexibility to have natural and enjoyable conversations. I think we’re getting closer to that goal.

Next month we’re taking a break from Chatterbox, and we’ll be back in January with a theme concept – every event will tackle a new topic, such as travel, food, family, film or music. I’m still working on the details, but I think it’ll be something you’ll all enjoy.

I wasn’t able to make the event this month, I was in Osaka shooting some videos for our friends HOUND (I’ll be releasing the full documentary in the new year), so my friend and colleague Amina stepped in to run the event. She did an excellent job, and even did some things better than I do. I’m stealing a few of these ideas for future events 😉 So yes, thank you Amina. Without her, we’d have had to cancel the event. Also, thanks to Jim for his always excellent photos, and Shooters for their hospitality.

This is a perfect time to remind everyone that we’re incredibly short staffed (staff is uh… me 😅), and in order to keep running our events at full capacity we’ll need support from all of you guys! It’s a lot of work keeping all of this together, so if you’re interested in helping out, please send me an email at, or fill out this Volunteer Application Form. A really simple way you can help out is by sharing our posts on social media! Just takes a few seconds and has a huge impact.

Anyway, I’ll see you at our next event, Shooters Trivia Night on Thursday, December 1 (Amina will be hosting the first half of this one too).


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