Looking Back: Small World New Year 2019/2021

We founded the Small World group back in 2018. At that point we didn’t even have a name, and we were simply throwing international parties every month in MyBar. Sometime in 2019, we decided to officially christen the group with a name, and from then, our events grew bigger and bigger until we outgrew our first venue and hosted our first nightclub party at THE EMPORIUM, which we called Small World Big Party. This party allowed us to really stretch our legs – THE EMPORIUM’s larger capacity, state of the sound system, lights, sfx and DJs meant that we could be much more ambitious with our parties. We had music all throughout the night, the Nintendo hooked up to the big screen, drinking games and Small World parties reached all-new heights.

Big Party was held in November, and the next month we rebranded it as Small World New Year to celebrate the end of 2019. This was the biggest party we’d ever hosted at this point, and it established us as the premier independent event producers in Nagoya. Just look at these photos! A whole new level.

Since then, Small World New Year parties are known far and wide as the best place to visit if you’re looking for the premier New Year party experience, and this is thanks to our long-time collaboration with our friends at THE EMPORIUM, EMP and Justin Kase Sound Crew. With 30+ years in the biz, these have created some incredible nightclubs and parties, and working with Small World, we’re an unstoppable team, having co-produced Small World Big Party, Small World New Year, Back to Reality, Underground: Latin x Hip-Hop and Supernatural Halloween with us.

Though THE EMPORIUM sadly closed its doors in 2020, we’ve since been collaborating with EIGHT and MOTHRA (previously THE UNDERGROUND) to continue this legacy. In 2021, Small World resumed activities, and one of the first events we hosted post-COVID was a huge celebration to the end of what had been one of the most difficult years in decades, Small World New Year 2021.

We put SWNY2021 together with our close friends, Pop Up Palooza, who brought in a whole new generation of partygoers, and the borderline legendary status of THE UNDERGROUND as one of Nagoya’s oldest and most revolutionary nightclubs brought the OGs who have been going hard since the 1990s. Apparently, COVID hadn’t slowed us down one bit, and 2021’s New Year party turned out to one of the most memorable events we’ve ever hosted.

This year we return to EIGHT/MOTHRA one last time for Small World New Year 2022. Sadly, this event will also be the very last event for Eight, Mothra, Mirai and JB’s, as the building is being demolished shortly after. Because these clubs have been such an important focal point in Nagoya’s nightlife for the last 30+ years, the event is certain to be packed with partygoers, coming to celebrate one last time, and to say goodbye to one of their favourite clubs.

Small World New Year will be hosted on Saturday, December 31 from 19:00. I’m really looking forward to seeing you all there one last time.


Small World New Year

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