Back to Reality (March 26, 2022)

Saturday night turned out to be the rainiest night we’ve had in weeks! ☔ but a bunch of you came “UNDERGROUND” 😉 to hide from the bad weather! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend Back to Reality but from what I hear it was a pretty dope night 😎

I wanna say thank you to Eight / Mothra and the staff for looking after us, to DJs Cortez, Kello, Zooyaa, I-Cue, Ino, Hulk, Daichi, Kazmo, Suku and MC Logic for bringing the grooves, Aika for dancing, @ushuaaaaa for the photos, and of course to Jon and Pop Up Palooza for holding everything together. Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂 to Bronté!

See you at the 2022 Hanami Party & Small World’s 3rd Birthday! this Saturday, looks like it’s gonna be HUGE!


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