Christmas Feast (December 18, 2022)

Last Sunday, we hosted our annual Small World Christmas Feast at Shooters Sports Bar!

Japan doesn’t celebrate Christmas the same way as back home, and this time of year can really stir up some homesickness as you’re so far away from friends, family and Christmas traditions at one of the most important times of the year, so it’s always been a personal goal of mine to make the Christmas Feast really special. After four years of hosting this event, I think we’ve managed to create an excellent evening of good food, drinks, games and performances that really capture the best parts of Christmas both overseas and here in Japan.

First and most importantly is the food, and we’ve always had great food at this event, but Shooters really knocked it out of the park with a fantastic spread that was both delicious and authentic, and everyone’s bellies were well and truly stuffed by the third, or fourth, or even fifth trip to the buffet!

For performances, we had the best pop / funk group in the city, Cheapwine Squad, play a 2 hour set of favourites that really got the crowd going, and we had another Nagoya staple, May Chu Chu close the evening with some renditions of classic Christmas songs.

And of course, we had some of our signature games and activities including the Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest, which was won by Frid with his truly vile reindeer getup, as well as a spin on the classic children’s birthday game, Pass the Parcel, which turned the whole room upside down! Seriously, I had no idea this game would go down so well. We also brought back perhaps the weirdest game to ever be played at Christmas, Cuppin’ Balls – the aim of this game is to swing a dangling bauble into a crotch cup with carefully timed pelvic thrusts. Yes, it’s as brilliant as it sounds.

A very successful event and a great time had by all. I want to say thank you to all of you for attending! To Shooters and their staff for the exceptional food and service, and to Jim for these great photos that really captured the energy of the event.

Merry Christmas to everyone, and here’s to another year of Small World!

Our next event will be Small World New Year on December 31, the last day 2022 and the final night for Eight/Mothra. It’s gonna be huge!

– Matthew

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