NIGHTFALL *Launch Party* (April 21, 2023)

Last Friday, we launched our brand new club night at a fully decked out Shooters! NIGHTFALL was the biggest night we’ve had all year, with as many as 200 guests coming to christen our brand new nightclub, and to kick off what is going to be a new era for nightlife in Nagoya.

First of all, I can’t describe quite how impressive the sound system is at NIGHTFALL. Thanks to the support of Justin Kase Sound Crew and JLawrence Pro Audio, NIGHTFALL has one of the best setups for a club of its size in the whole city. The sound is rich, thick and clear, and the bass is no joke. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a club that sounds so good, and you really have to experience it to fully understand. On top of this, the lighting and SFX completely transform Shooters, it is completely unrecognisable in the back with the lights off, and those dancing EQ tubes? Awesome. Really, awesome. I’m very proud to be hosting events in this new venue and I’m really looking forward to booking the best DJs in the city for you guys.

Two rooms. This is the kicker, this is what sets NIGHTFALL apart from your other options on Friday night. The back room is the club, for music, for dancing, for energy. Meet someone cool on the dancefloor and want to get to know them a little better? No problem, head out to the main room where the volume is lower, grab a seat and some food from our special one-ticket menu, and have a conversation. You can even play some Mario Kart on the Switch, throw some darts or shoot some pool. You can seamlessly move in and out of the two rooms to suit your mood and the energy of the situation. NIGHTFALL has everything you need for a Friday night.

But that’s the concept. It really worked, and much better than I could have even hoped for.

Onto the music! Wow, we had some really solid talent at this debut event. First of all, Suvda’s DJ debut and she absolutely killed it! Lots of bangers that set the dance floor on fire and got everyone moving. Really looking forward to seeing how she grows as an artist over the next few months. Leaf Motif slinging some oldies and newies with the signature Leaf twist, then Keigo with the hardest set I think I’ve ever heard him play. Smashed it. Justin Kase and MC Logic brought us into the early hours of Saturday with some UK jams, followed by a special guest appearance from Ang, who circled back to mainstream to balance things out. Closing the night we had a monumental bass house set from Loui Satto which was seriously, hard af, blew me away. Can’t believe that dancefloor was heaving at 04:00. Dalton closed the night with some psytrance and prog, something completely fresh and different, hard to hear that kind of stuff anywhere else in the city. Killer lineup.

I want to say thank you to everyone who helped me set up one of the most ambitious projects I’ve ever worked on. That’s thank you to Justin Kase Sound Crew for the sound and FX, to Gil for making us a new floor and DJ booth, to Kinja, Kanna and Tony for lending a hand setting up late at night, to Joshua for taking these awesome pics and to the Shooters staff for dealing with all my BS and all the extra work they put in to make this night run smoothly for everyone. I also want to say thank you to my Advisory Board for always being by my side and supporting me not just on this event, but for every event I do. And of course, thank you to all of you, the Small World community for coming to my events, for supporting me and each other, for being the life that gives Nagoya the most special international community in all of Japan.

That was a lot longer than I intended it to be. Phew.

I look forward to seeing you at May’s NIGHTFALL! This is going to be one of the biggest events in the city!


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