2022 Hanami Party & Small World’s 3rd Birthday (April 2, 2022)

Last Saturday we hosted our 2022 Hanami Party & Small World’s 3rd Birthday! First time we did this it looked a lot smaller! We started with a little group of around 100 people and we’ve grown into the biggest international events group in Aichi, with thousands of Worldies attending over 150 events that we’ve hosted over the past three years.

Around 200 of you came to celebrate with us on this beautiful Saturday afternoon and I want to say THANK YOU so much for your wonderful love and support over the last few years. Even during COVID, Small World has managed to grow, become stronger, and it feels like our members are closer than ever before.

But now, with the worst of the pandemic behind us and restrictions lifted, now is the time to GROW! Over the next year you’re going to see so many more new events popping up, some old events coming back, and our regular events becoming even better. I encourage you to try everything out at least once! We’re all about introducing our members to new experiences and new people, and we always try to produce high-quality events that everyone can enjoy.

Here’s to a ten more years… no, fifty! How about… 1000 more years of Small World! 🎉🎉🎉

PS. We also managed to raise over ¥43,000 for Ukraine! Thank you Mizuki for setting up the stand and please contact her if you’d like to make a donation!


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