Trivia Night @ The Rock (August 28, 2022)

Last Sunday we hosted our second Trivia Night @ The Rock, and the first that I’ve actually been able to host myself!

When we hosted this event in July, I was in London running a conference, and was watching the event take place via Instagram. This was the first time Small World had hosted a Trivia Night without me as a host, and to be honest, I was quite nervous. But I also felt like I was missing out! I’ve been hosting quizzes every month for almost five years now, and it was very strange to see it unfold without being on the mic myself.

Anyway, this was all remedied when I returned to Japan and regained my quizmaster throne at The Rock last Sunday.

This was also the first time I’d hosted a re-run and there were a lot of things that I noticed. First of all, I noticed that I’ve become much, much better at writing quizzes. Not that these questions are bad, but I’ve just become much better at presenting questions and answers. Attention to detail and phrasing of questions might not seem like a big deal, but it’s definitely made the experience a lot better for the players, and I was really happy to be reminded that over these last few years, we’ve been perfecting our events and we’re making things easier and more fun for you guys.

Secondly, I was shocked at how many of these answers I remembered! This quiz was written almost four years ago, and I still remembered that the Snickers bar was named after its creator’s horse, that a golem is a creature from Jewish folklore made out of mud and clay, that Mark Twain co-designed the bra. I always thought that I’d forget these nuggets of information (especially considering that I have to deal with so many every month), but it turns out that most of them – especially the most interesting ones – are still knocking around in my head somewhere, ready to be called forth whenever I need a tidbit when I’m having a conversation at a party or making new friends.

And you can benefit from this too! Come to some Trivia Nights! Learn some things! Impress your friends with some useless information! You’d be surprised how useful it can be.

So those are my thoughts on last week’s quiz. I hope you guys had an awesome time and we’ll be back on September 25 with a NEW quiz (not a re-run!) from Nagoya’s Trivia OG legend, Mick, and Jason who has been contributing to the Thursday quizzes for a few months now.

As always, thank you for your support of Small World and everything that we do. See you at the next one!

– Matthew

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