Trivia Night @ The Rock

Fourth Sunday of every month is Trivia Night at The Rock!

Teams of up to 6 compete over five rounds to win some cool prizes!

We’ve been doing Trivia Night at Shooters for four years now, and we have a HUGE repertoire of questions that many of you haven’t had a chance to see!

This time the quiz will be on a WEEKEND so lots more of you will be able to participate ðŸ™Œ

Bring a complete team of SIX to get a FREE sharing plate! More details coming soon.

Time: 18:00 – 20:30
Entry: ¥1000

(Please note that this quiz is in English and may be difficult for low-level English speakers!)

Good luck!

毎月最終日曜日はThe Rockでトリビアナイトを開催しています!



あなたはどれくらい知ってますか?自分の知識を挑戦しながら英語を練習できるし、友達も作れるし… そして色々なトピックについて学ぶことが出来ます!

Shootersでトリビアナイトを始めて4年目。見たことのない問題が大量にあるので、古いクイズをThe Rockでやります!


時間: 18:00-20:30
参加料: 1000円



Past Events

Trivia Night @ The Rock (February 26, 2023)

The first Trivia Night @ The Rock of 2023 was possibly the biggest turnout we’ve ever had! The Rock was completely packed and Jason delivered one of the best quizzes I think we’ve ever hosted in the last few years.

Trivia Night @ The Rock (September 25, 2022)

Back home in the UK, trivia nights are ubiquitous. No matter which city, town or village you go to, chances are that the local pub will be hosting a quiz night at least once a month – and they’re pretty well-attended! The same can not be said for Japan, especially in Nagoya. In the whole…

Trivia Night @ The Rock (August 28, 2022)

Last Sunday we hosted our second Trivia Night @ The Rock, and the first that I’ve actually been able to host myself! When we hosted this event in July, I was in London running a conference, and was watching the event take place via Instagram. This was the first time Small World had hosted a…

Trivia Night @ The Rock (July 24, 2022)

On July 24 we hosted our first Trivia Night @ The Rock! Because it takes place on a Sunday, this event is the perfect opportunity for those of you who can’t make it to our usual Thursday Shooters Trivia Night In this quiz, which we did the first time in March 2019 (!), we looked…

Event Announcement: Trivia Night @ The Rock

A new Trivia Night? A lot of you have mentioned that you’d love to join Trivia Night but you can’t on a weekday… So we’re doing Trivia Night @ The Rock! We’ll be recycling some of the old quizzes from years back so you guys won’t miss out on the cool questions we’ve had over…

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