Shooters Trivia Night (September 1, 2022)

It’s the first Thursday of the month which means that it’s Shooters Trivia Night, and it also just happens to also be the very first day of September. The beginning of Autumn, and along with it, the slow decline into winter. But it’s not all bad, we’ve got a few months of arguably perfect weather until the cruel, biting cold of Japanese winter sets in. The chilling misery that is seemingly inescapable even inside —

— I think I’m getting carried away here.

Trivia Night last week, with some seriously interesting (yet strangely gloomy) rounds! This month we had rounds on DIRT, FAILURE and PRICKS. Yes indeed, perhaps we were a little down in the dumps when we committed to investigate these topics. Anyway, it turns out there’s some pretty good trivia in there.

Did you know that Fresh Kills Landfill was the world’s largest landfill, and covered 2,200 acres and received 29,000 tons of trash a day until its closure in 2001? That’s amazing!

Did you know that John Carter is estimated to be the biggest box office bomb in history, losing as much as 236 million dollars? That’s amazing!

Did you know that the famous American species of cactus, the Saguaro, can grow up to 12 metres tall? That’s amazing!

We also had a seriously creative round that asked players to find co-ordinates on a map and match them to world-famous landmarks!

Seriously cool stuff this month and I had a lot of fun. I hope you guys did too.

Special thanks to Jason for helping out with some of the rounds – you can catch his quiz with Mick later this month at The Rock!

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