The International Party (September 3, 2022)

On Saturday, we hosted the first International Party of Autumn, and it was the biggest turnout we’ve had since we relaunched the party back in March! I have been eagerly awaiting the day when things return to how they were pre-covid, and this is a pretty good sign that things are heading in the right direction.

Not so many of you were around right at the beginning when we were hosting these parties in MyBar four years ago, but those who were will undoubtedly remember that back then, we were the kings of the Nagoya independent party scene, with over 150 guests attending every party, not just once a month, but twice or even more! We used to have lines of people queuing up to get in!

Those parties were crazy, but of course, those were also very different times. I understand it’s gonna take some time to get back there… but I can’t help feeling excited, the anticipation is bubbling up, and until then, I’m just gonna have to be patient and enjoy the times that we’re having now.

And I really am enjoying myself! This International Party was one of my favourites in recent months! Not just because we had a great turnout, but also because I got a chance to hang out with so many of you! Usually I’m pretty caught up in the maintenance of things, keeping the party running smoothly, making sure that the DJs, the staff, and you guys are happy, that the music, the temperature, the vibe is just right, making sure that we’re sharing the right photos and videos… there’s a lot to it! But this time I decided to take a step back and enjoy being with you guys. Cause really, that’s all that matters. The rest is just decoration – you guys are what make these parties special.

So thank you for being part of this community, for participating in these events and making Nagoya such an incredible city to live in.

Also as always, thank you to this month’s incredible DJs K4K4 and Nozomi AKA HULK – an old friend of ours – it was an honour to have you guys play for us. Thanks to LUGGAGE and their staff for being so supportive and helpful. And thanks to Jim for his awesome photographs.

Next month we’re back with TWO International Parties! We’ve got one on October 8 and a very special International Halloween Party on October 29, with a free party preceding it in Hisaya Odori Park. More information coming soon. Very cool stuff.

See you soon!


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