SWFCC International Futsal (September 10, 2022)

On Saturday we hosted our second SWFCC International Futsal event! 25 people attended, from a variety of countries and skill levels, and it was the first time I actually got to see it in action. Originally I was planning to play, but there were so many attendees (we max out at 24) that I had to take the bench and let everyone get a fair chance to play. This left me on photography / videography duty, and boy, was I not prepared for how difficult sports photography is! I took about 200 photos and 25 were useable… It’s a really difficult specialty and I have great respect for those of you out there who decided to take up sports photography.

So let me tell you a little about how this event works. We co-organise this event with the very experienced Futsal Club Change (FCC Futsal) who provide some staff and support (I have no idea how futsal works so we really need the help).

Six minute games, six-member teams, four teams per event.

This means that everyone gets a decent opportunity to play and doesn’t get too tired out. Before we started, I thought six minutes was too short, but it turns out a lot can happen in a very short time when you’re playing futsal. I think it went pretty well!

So I heard from the attendees that they’d like to play often, so we’ll be making this a MONTHLY event from now on. If you’d like to start playing futsal, you should come to the next event! It’s super laid back, everyone is so friendly and if you don’t like it… you only have to play for six minutes 😉


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