Chatterbox Language Exchange (May 21, 2023)

Last Sunday we hosted another edition of our Chatterbox Language Exchange at Shooters! This month we returned to our regular structure after last month’s successful experiment (which has now become a separate event, Nagoya Mixer), but we decided to keep the energy levels high with a music-themed gathering.

This month we gave attendees a bunch of music-related vocab to play with during their conversations, a great way to keep things interesting and stimulate dialogue. The main activity had everyone debating and ranking artists based on their worldwide record sales. That certainly got everyone talking – and sometimes arguing!

The turnout this time was a little lighter than usual, but the positive side was that we had plenty of new faces getting stuck in. After the event, we headed to Midtown BBQ for some post-event food and drinks to continue the conversation in a different environment.

Next month’s event will take place on June 18, and we’re already planning to introduce a sports theme. Mark it in your calendars and start brushing up on your sports lingo. Can’t wait to see you there.


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