The International Party (June 3, 2023)

Summer’s back and the with it comes an unprecedented surge of energy from this month’s International Party attendees. It’s been a while since I went to an International Party that was so innately fun!

This month we had a slightly smaller crowd than usual, but boy, you wouldn’t have known because the energy levels were through the roof! This month’s attendees were a really enthusiastic bunch, Keigo’s DJ set was nasty and for some reason or another, everyone decided to ‘worship the bulb’, which was a real “highlight” of the night.

We’ll be mixing the event up a little next month with a long-awaited COLLAB with our friends, Pop Up Palooza, for International Party PLUS! More information coming soon, but we’ll be selling tickets in advance with our brand new ticketing system (!!) which goes online this week!

Next month will be one of the biggest International Parties we’ve had in a while, so prepare yourself, get your tickets and we’ll see you on July 1!


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