Nagoya Mixer (June 4, 2023)

On Sunday we hosted our first Mixer event, which was an offshoot of one of the Chatterbox activities we tried a few months ago. This event was designed to get participants mingling with as many new people as possible, and by the end of the evening, everyone in the room had gotten out of their comfort zone and made some new connections!

For a first event, this was a big success! We plan to tweak a few things here and there to improve the experience by introducing new prompts, activities and scenarios in order to make you guys get to know the people in your community better. Over the next few months, we’ll be hosting Mixers in different bars throughout the city. Do you have any suggestions? Where would you like to see us host a Mixer next?

Thank you to everyone who came, and we’ll see you at the next Mixer sometime in July!


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