SWFCC International Futsal (July 8, 2023)

I’ve been in London for the last two weeks so I’ve been unable to host or attend any events for most of July, but thanks to FCC Futsal we were still able to host the monthly SWFCC International Futsal kick-about.

Obviously I wasn’t there to witness it, but it looks like it was a hell of a scorcher! I don’t think I’ve ever seen sweatier players! This month’s photos were taken by the incredibly talented Kathleen (@kathy_ann_814) who I think has taken perhaps the best photos we’ve ever seen of this event! She didn’t just capture some great plays, but also the atmosphere and community that’s formed around this event.

We’ve got some very special stuff coming soon for SWFCC, the first of which is a kit! Yes, that’s right, SWFCC players will soon be able to don their own unique uniform! This is pretty exciting for us and we’ve got a lot of stuff planned around the launch of the kit, much more information coming soon!


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