The International Party ~Y2K Night~

Last week we hosted the first themed International Party since The International Party BLACK back in 2019. This event was a homage to the decade of my formative years, the 2000s. Looking back… man was this decade ugly, but it’s recently become cool again, so I guess that just means I’m getting older and out of touch!

That said, it was amazing to hear so many songs from my youth! Some of these tracks I haven’t heard since I first started going back to clubs in the late 2000s when I was just 18 years old. I have to thank this month’s DJs for the blast from the past – DJ Frontier was the perfect choice for this theme and he absolutely blew us away with the biggest R&B tracks of the decade. Also, to Keigo! Just a baby when the 2000s kicked off but you wouldn’t have known from his song selection. Pure class.

After the success of this event, we’ve decided to host more themed events in the future! Maybe not at The International Party, but… we have bigger plans for 2024! More information coming soon!

Until then, we’ve got one more International Party until the biggest night of the year – Supernatural Halloween. If you haven’t got a ticket yet… what are you waiting for?! Save yourself some $$$ and grab a ticket in advance.

See you next month at The International Party!


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