SUPERNATURAL: International Halloween Party

Supernatural: International Halloween Party


Here we go, this is it! After some mix ups we’ve finally settled on a venue, and we’re very happy to announce that we’ll be hosting this year’s Halloween party in SHOOTERS!

Now, this is NOT the Shooters you know and love, we are completely transforming your favourite sports bar into the city’s sickest club for one night, thanks to EMP – these are the guys that brought you THE EMPORIUM! We’re talking speaker stacks, lighting and special effects! Dancers, performers, entertainers!

It’s not all tech, no no. We’re also spending the next few weeks decorating the interior so that it’s absolutely dripping with Halloween energy. You’ve never seen anything quite like this. I’ll be putting some events together over the next few weeks for YOU guys to contribute to the design by creating props and artwork to hang on the interior.

Music will be provided by International Party favourites DJs FRONTIER and LEAF MOTIF, plus special guest JUSTIN KASE after 00:00. This party will go on late with the sickest beats in Nagoya.

This is the OFFICIAL Halloween party that follows on from our FREE event The TV Tower of Terror that takes place 17:00 – 20:00 in Hisaya Odori Park.

I really cannot describe quite how excited I am for this, but this is going to be a absolute benchmark for future Halloween parties. Let’s go!

See you there on October 29! 🥳

Y2000 ADV / Y2500 OTD
Y500 drink menu / Signature drinks available


Tickets available at Shooters and upcoming Small World events.

– Location –
Shooters Sports Bar & Grill

ついに場所が決まりました! 今年は伏見のShootersでハロウィンパーティーを開催します!

会場をナイトクラブに大変身させます! サウンドシステム、ライティング、特殊効果などなど。ダンサー、エンターテイナー、そしてパフォーマー!

そして、これから1ヶ月間、内装を超ハロウィンにデコレーションする予定です デザイン作業に貢献できるようなイベントも企画する予定です。

音楽はDJ FRONTIERLEAF MOTIF、そしてスペシャルゲストのJUSTIN KASEが参加予定です! このパーティーは遅くまで続き、みんなで一晩中踊り明かす予定です。

久屋大通公園で17:00~20:00に開催される無料イベント「The TV Tower of Terror」に続く、公式のハロウィンパーティーです。


前売りY2000 / 当日Y2500
Y500のドリンクメニュー / シグネチャードリンクあり

今後開催されるSmall Worldのイベントから購入可能なチケットです。

場所: Shooters Sports Bar & Grill

SUPERNATURAL: International Halloween Party (October 29, 2022)

Happy Halloween! I’ve been pretty quiet over the last few weeks – that’s because I’ve been preparing for the Halloween party to end all Halloween parties, SUPERNATURAL. There had been a lot of confusion over where and how I was going to host a Halloween party this year. Originally, I wanted to host a Halloween-themed…