Sunday Pick Me Up (February 11, 2023)

This weekend we hosted the first Sunday Pick Me Up of 2023, returning to a location that we haven’t been to in quite a while, Osu! This month, 45 Worldies gathered to clean the streets, and in one hour we picked up almost 30kg of trash! Not exactly our biggest haul, but I’d say that’s actually a pretty big win for Osu! Good job on being clean and tidy! 👍

So we decided to change things up a little bit for 2023 and scale things down a bit and go back to basics, focusing on more on community and making connections, which is our strong suit. Gone are the monthly Eco-Habits, and instead we champion the big three: Bring your own BAGS, BOTTLES and CHOPSTICKS. Much easier to remember. This means fewer speeches from us (I know you love hearing my voice as much as I do, but sometimes sacrifices must be made), and a lot more time for you guys to talk and get to know each other.

We also brought back the lunches, and boy, what a success that was! I’d forgotten how great it was to sit down and decompress after a full morning of hard work saving the world and getting to know some new people. I think this part of the event really ties everything together and brings it to the next level. This time we were at Kabuto, an excellent wafu-pasta (Japanese style) spaghetti restaurant with the nicest staff and the tastiest home-made pasta in Osu. We seriously recommend you guys check it out if you’re ever in the area.

We’ll be sticking with this format from now on, and we’ll also have a regular pattern for locations:
Shirakawa Park > Ikeda Park > Kanayama > Osu
These are the trashiest places in town, so you’ll always have plenty of work to do 😉 We’ll also be pairing these locations with our favourite restaurants so we’ve always got something good to eat afterwards. More information coming soon about the specific venues.

Sunday Pick Me Up returns next month, March 12, and this time we’ll be in Shirakawa Park! We hope to see you then!


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