NIGHTFALL: House Party (June 16, 2023)

On Friday we hosted our second NIGHTFALL club night in the recently converted back room of Shooters. This event is held on a Friday night, which can be a tricky night for some… But I can tell you for sure, NIGHTFALL is worth a hangover on a Saturday morning.

This club is RAW. I’ve been to a few other clubs since we launched NIGHTFALL in April, and man I think it’s broken clubs for me. Nothing sounds as good as this sound system, and we had some killer DJs to put it to work last Friday. SHUMIYA, NAOKI and KEIGO played some incredible sets that had the whole room moving through to the early hours.

More than anything though, NIGHTFALL just slaps man, I always have a so much fun. Whereas other music events tread that line between conversation and dancing, this one is just pure MUSIC and tomfoolery. It’s quickly becoming one of my favourites. Seriously, if you haven’t checked it out, get your ass down here. You’re in for a treat.

NIGHTFALL is back next month with a really special concept – in July we have a complete lineup of female DJs playing Hip-Hop, House, Techno and Drum & Bass. This one will be really interesting. Don’t miss out. Advance tickets on sale now.


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