Sunday Pick Me Up (June 18, 2023)

Before the blistering heat of summer, residents of Japan have to endure around six weeks of rain, known as tsuyu (rainy season). This, of course, puts a ‘dampener’ on all of our outdoor events. Sunday Pick Me Up has been cancelled due to poor weather for the last two months, but finally this month the Eco-Heroes were able to return to the streets to clean up the city.

This month we tackled Shirakawa Park, the first location we ever hosted a Sunday Pick Me Up, and 35 of us managed to collect over 40kg of trash in only one hour!

Summertime is back, so from now on SPMU will be pretty tough work in the sunshine, so make sure you dress appropriately and wear lots of sunscreen! We’ll be taking a short break in July, but we’ll be back in August in Ikeda Park!

I’ll see you there!


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