Chatterbox Language Exchange (June 18, 2023)

This month, Chatterbox ended up taking place on the same day as Sunday Pick Me Up, which struck me as an opportunity! As a special promotion, Sunday Pick Me Up attendees were able to attend Chatterbox for FREE! This populated the event with a bunch of Eco-Heroes and gave them the opportunity to experience one of our most popular events for the first time.

Continuing the environmental theme of SPMU, I decided that this month’s theme should be ‘Nature and the Environment’, so that the Eco-Heroes could share their activities at SPMU with the other attendees.

I’m really glad that so many of you got to try out something new, and also that so many of you got to learn about Sunday Pick Me Up! I hope that after hearing about these events, your encouraged to try them for the first time!

Next month we’re taking a break from Chatterbox, but we’ll be back in August with a brand new theme and lots of cool opportunities to practice your English and Japanese in a friendly and fun setting.

– Matthew

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