Small World Summer BBQ (June 25, 2023)

It took three months but FINALLY we managed to host the elusive Small World Summer BBQ, and it coincided with my birthday! It’s been five years since we last hosted a BBQ and it was so good to be out in the sunshine with some incredible food provided by the experts at Lia’s Kitchen.

If you know me at all, you’ll know that I love the summertime, and I can’t stand the winter. So naturally, with COVID largely behind us and the weather getting warmer I couldn’t wait to host a BBQ, so way back in April, I announced the Small World Spring BBQ and prepared myself for a feast. But we were thwarted again and again by the rainy season and the event actually ended up being postponed three times before we finally caught a break and were able to host it last weekend.

And boy, was it worth the wait. Lia’s Kitchen really came through with some incredible food – we had hamburgers, skewers and Argentinian BBQ favorite choripan, all made entirely from scratch by Pablo and his father, which added quality that you’re unlikely to find at any other BBQ events this year.

Over 60 of you made it out to the event to enjoy the sunshine and the great food (and to celebrate my birthday of course) and I hope you all had an awesome time. I appreciate that there were a few kinks (it’s the first time we’ve hosted an event like this in several years!) but we’re confident that next time we’ll be able to provide even better quality and service.

I want to say a big thank you first of all to Lia’s Kitchen for the huge amount of work they put into preparing and serving the food for everyone – it really wasn’t easy and they did an excellent job. If you ever see their food truck about town, please go say hi and grab something delicious to eat!

I also want to say thank you to the event staff, Amina and Mina for running the registration desk and the bar, and of course to all of you wonderful Worldies for attending the event!

The SW BBQ is likely to return later in the year, so keep your eyes peeled and we’ll see you soon!


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