SWFCC International Futsal (August 12, 2023)

SWFCC International Futsal August 12 2023

Can you believe it’s been 1 whole year of SWFCC International Futsal?? 😱

A big shoutout to all of our dedicated participants for attending these events and building this vibrant community. The spirit of teamwork and friendly competition that has emerged is inspiring! We’re not just playing futsal — we’re forging friendships, bridging cultural gaps, and memories on and off the pitch.

A huge thank you to Futsal Club Change and their incredible staff, who have not only been helping us to organise these events but have also been making sure that every player is comfortable and matches are balanced but still challenging! 🙌

Thank you everyone for being part of this journey!

The next event is on Saturday September 9, 16:00-1800! Registration link is on the event page!

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